Saving is just the first step, then you have to take those savings and invest them so they provide you with a return that allows you to reach financial independence. There are many ways to invest. What has worked for me has been to invest for the long term rather than to try to make quick trades. I'll share the approach I take when investing and share some investing ideas. The basic approach I've taken is:

  1. Educate myself as much as possible on investing
  2. Understand how to read financial statements
  3. Understand and invest in ETFs
  4. Find businesses that will grow profitably for the long term
  5. Find businesses that pay a stable and growing dividend
  6. Invest in businesses when there is value to be had
  7. A smattering of other investments 
  8. Diversify your portfolio

As I share ideas on investing and of potential businesses to invest in, either because they are fast growing companies or they are more stable businesses with growing dividends, I'll track their performance in a mock portfolio that you can find at the portfolio tab. 

Remember I'm not a financial advisor or expert, these are just ideas I'm sharing, they are not recommendations. Before buying any stock, do your own due diligence and seek the help of a professional investment advisor.
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