Here I'll share ideas on how to enjoy the financial independence you've achieved and ideas on how to enjoy along the way to financial independence. There's no need to wait to enjoy life, enjoying life should be a daily and moment to moment event. 

I'll also share some ideas on how best to pull your money out of your investments. Many people have trouble turning the corner from saving, to starting to spend. There are times when you'll have to spend and save a little less to enjoy something and there will be times when you can enjoy something without spending a single penny. 

My basic philosophy is this:

"Do good in the world, love the people around you and enjoy life"

I've also heard this equation which I like:

Happiness = Reality - Expectations

I'm no guru. So live your life the way you want to, but maybe there'll be an idea or two here that gives you a new perspective or a new thought that helps you enjoy life even more than you are already.
Eat where the locals eat.
Anytime I travelled outside North America before the days of mobile phones, even if the Lonely Planet guide book recommended a restaurant, the rule was always to eat where the locals eat...
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