As I introduce stocks as investing ideas I will add them to the SmarterSquirrel Mock Portfolio to see how they perform over time. These are not recommendations to buy, rather it is meant to facilitate learning and discussion about stocks. Some of the stocks discussed may plummet in value to such a point that they become delisted and any money invested in them is lost forever. Others may grow at, below or above the average market rate. Please do your own due diligence and seek professional investing advice before making any investment decisions. I have no expertise in giving financial advice or in providing investment advice. 

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*This is a mock portfolio. No real money is involved and no actual investments have been made by SmarterSquirrel. Amounts shown here are for educational and informational purposes only.

BIP-UN.TO - On December 29, 2017 BIP paid a dividend of $0.435 USD per share and the USD was equal to $1.26 CAD, so for the 18 shares of BIP-UN.TO the SmarterSquirrel Mock Portfolio would have received $9.87 CAD, until the dividends received are large enough to buy more stock, I'll keep it in the dividends received column. 
LIX.V - after the announcement that LIX.V was to be acquired I sold in my own personal account and logged a sale at SmarterSquirrel.com as well.
NTY.V - On December 18, 2017 NTY.V announced they had arranged a $1M financing at $0.10 per unit and I bought in my personal account and logged a buy on SmarterSquirrel.com as well on December 19, 2017. This stock is highly speculative and I have only put a minimum amount of money on it personally.
ORL.TO - Wanting to get more exposure to a more established lithium miner in my own portfolio I bought ORL.TO and logged a buy on SmarterSquirrel on Dec 19, 2017

The portfolio is now down 4.5% at March 4, 2018. There have been reports in the market that Lithium supply will outstrip lithium demand in the short term putting pressure on lithium prices and lithium stocks. I believe we continue to head towards a constrained lithium supply in the long term and so continue to hold lithium stocks in my personal portfolio for what I believe will be long term gains. 

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